The vital role of research

Cutting edge research is central to the philosophy that drives the Index. It is a collaboration between leading minds in organisational psychology and behavioural science globally, led by researchers at Cambridge University. The results of every company’s measurement are carefully analysed by our research team at Cambridge, working in collaboration with business practitioners.

And the Index itself is a global research project. Every company that participates provided vital, anonymised, data that helps scientists better understand the role of purpose in creating great companies. The Index has already built probably the largest database on purpose in business that exists in the world today.

And the Index also contributes funds that directly support the work of scientists at Cambridge and beyond. Research grants are provided by the Contexis Index CIC, a social enterprise that returns 70% of profits to supporting research and education in purposeful and sustainable business.

In running the Index in your company you are not only accessing exceptionally valuable data and insights into how purpose is working in your own company but also joining a global movement of academics and business leaders dedicated to better understanding purposeful business.

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