Robust metrics for purpose and for its impact on real people and real business

The Contexis Index tells you how purpose is actually working across the business today. It measures peoples’ response to organisational purpose. And it measures how that is impacting the specific attitudes and behaviours known to have the greatest impact on fulfilment and performance.

To achieve that, the Index measures specific ‘performance behaviours’ using existing scales from leading behavioural scientists. These measurements cover the full range of cultural performance (e.g. compassion, openness), human performance (e.g. engagement, autonomy), and decision performance (e.g. velocity, adaptability).

The Index then measures each employee’s understanding of and attitude towards purpose. And determines, through detailed analysis of the data, how purpose is influencing performance behaviours through measuring three moderating cultural characteristics: trust, emotional ownership and contextual clarity.

It is these three characteristics which appear to activate purpose in organisational culture. Measuring their impact is vital to being able to understand how purpose is working and where it is blocked and in determining programmes and interventions that will bring purpose to life across the business.

The Index is a uniquely powerful tool to measure purpose efficacy, performance behaviours and cultural attributes, and demonstrate and explain the relationships between them to draw detailed conclusions and recommendations for action. The Index also measures a range of other ‘performance outcomes’ such as perceived performance, joyfulness and intention to stay; and additional measures that support the analysis including personality types, meaningfulness of work and level of systems thinking Data for the Index is gathered via a 15-minute on-line survey of employees. Results are provided via an interactive dashboard, a detailed face-to-face presentation and Report with full analysis and recommendations from researchers at Cambridge and business analysts at Contexis. Data is held at Cambridge, secure and fully anonymised.

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