Why You Need to Measure Organisational Purpose

If you truly want your organisation to be purpose-driven, it’s not enough to simply have a purpose statement. What you need to know is whether your purpose is activated in the organisation.  And to know that, to respond effectively, and act with precision, companies need numbers. Numbers that measure how purpose is really working. How it is changing beliefs and behaviours across the organisation.


Measure Organisational Purpose Using the Contexis Index

The Contexis Index has been developed with researchers at Cambridge University to provide those numbers. By focussing on the impact of purpose on the DNA of the organisation itself, it provides the numbers to answer two questions:

  • To what extent is purpose driving performance in my organisation?
  • And how and why is it working and where is it blocked?

Our analysis is based on years of observing the cultural attributes that are present in high-performing, agile and entrepreneurial organisations globally. These real-world observations have then been combined with the cutting-edge research of behavioural scientists from institutions across the globe.

The Index brings together academically rigorous measurement scales of organisational behaviour with detailed analysis of the role of cultural factors. It combines robust levels of research validity and academic scrutiny with practical and actionable business insight.

What Does the Index Tell You?

The Index allows you to understand the current position across a wide range of population groups inside the company and compare yourself to organisational norms outside it. It allows you to design highly targeted interventions to improve organisational effectiveness and optimise employees’ experience of purpose at work with a high degree of confidence. And it allows you to track performance in real time by ‘dip-sticking’ a small sample of the population to assess and adapt communication and interventions to maximise impact and efficiency.

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